Licenced Aircraft Engineer (Helicopter)

The position holder is responsible for ensuring the aircraft operates properly and safely by conducting maintenance to the highest standards and quality adhering to industry expectations and professionalism.

Job summary

1. Ensuring that the highest standards of workmanship are maintained with regard to the accomplishment and control of maintenance tasks in accordance with manufacturer and company requirements.

2. That ll work is recorded on the appropriate maintenance documentation and certified accordingly.

3. That a Maintenance Release is issued upon the completion of any package of maintenance, defect rectification or component replacement prior to an aircraft being released for flight, using up to date maintenance data and approved tooling.

4. The recording, upkeep and completion of the Operator’s Aircraft Journey Logs in accordance with company procedures and airworthiness authority requirements.

5. Conducting duties, responsibilities and maintenance processes in accordance with the Maintenance Organization Exposition (MOE), and associated company procedures.

6. Remain current with both technical and procedural changes through the company electronic noticeboard.

7. Supervision of non-certifying LAEs and Technicians to ensure the highest standards of workmanship are maintained.

8. Observing safety instructions/precautions and ensuring a safe working environment. Gives safety instructions to others where necessary respond to safety concerns raised by sub-ordinates by providing safety guidance and taking action to reduce safety hazards to an ALARP level. For situation that remain a potential hazard for future work even after taking action, reports to the superior or alternatively raises a hazard report for the attention of the HSE department.

9. To enforce and maintain the tool control program.

10. Responsible in monitoring the upkeep of ground service equipment and facilities with any discrepancy or unserviceability being reported to the Shift Supervisor.

11. Deputizing for the Shift Supervisor as and when required.

12. Any other duties as directed by any superior - Shift Supervisor, Engineer In Charge, Base Chief Engineer, Maintenance Manager or Engineering General Manager.

Academic qualifications & professional certificates

Essential :

Hold a current B1.3 or B2 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License from these following countries/authorities:CAAM, FAA- USA (A&P), EASA, GACA- KSA, with preference for Civil Aviation Authority Malaysian part 66 license


· Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License with type rating on AW139/AW189 with CAT C endorsement

· Have held a company approval for AW139/AW189 type within the last 12 months

· Have gone for a AW139/AW189 type refresher course within the last 24 months

· Holds a log book with details of work experience for the last 24 months

Experience / exposure

· Minimum 2 years’ experience certifying on type AW139/ AW189 helicopter.

· More than 5 years’ experience on rotorcraft oil and gas industry support operations.