H175 Co-Pilot

NHV Offshore
Aberdeen, UK
To execute scheduled oil & gas flights in the safest and most efficient manner in accordance with aviation regulation and whilst upholding NHV standards.

      Assisting the Pilot-in-Command with the technical preparation of flights including, but not limited to, route planning, fuel calculation, performance limitations and general inspection of the helicopter

·        Ensuring that all pre and post flight administration is completed accurately under the supervision of the Pilot-in-Command

·        Assisting the Pilot-in-Command as required with the raising of any reportable incidents and issues post flight via the correct channel.

·        Conducting pilot duties under the supervision of the Pilot-in-Command whilst fully complying with all safety rules, requirements, limitations and SOPs with full regard to the helicopter type and scope of flight operation

·        Working alongside the Pilot-in-Command to ensure that all safety systems and equipment are functioning correctly

·        Maintaining a good working knowledge of NHV Ops Manuals, Notices To Pilots, other related manuals, instructions and procedures

·        Consistently demonstrating a good awareness of customer service requirements and understanding the client's business & needs, under the supervision of the Chief Pilot.

·        Performing other assigned flying duties as required

·        Maintaining familiarity with all relevant national and international air legislation, agreed aviation practices and local procedures.

·        Maintaining the correct standard of crew discipline, conduct and personal appearance.

·        Completing tasks allocated by the Chief Pilot as required

·        Leading by example and promoting a team spirit amongst colleagues.

·        Respecting the code of conduct and overall behaviour towards the whole NHV team, as well as adhering to the Drugs & Alcohol policy.

   Technical requirements:

o   UK CPL(H) License privileges

o   Valid UK Class 1 Medical

o   Valid UK IFR (H) Multi Engine privileges

o   UK ATPL (H) theory and MCC certificate

·        Type rating:

o   H175 desirable

·        Minimum flight hours:

o   500 total hours

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You'll be welcomed in a young and exciting company. Based on your skills and competences, you'll be offered a competitive salary with extra legal benefits.

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